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Hey, hey! Welcome to The Royal Brewhaha!

In need of a lift, you say?

Might we suggest some Charlie Royal, a wondrous energizing elixir that’s a snap to prepare.

Cold Brew Made Easy

In a world full of complicated coffee, Charlie Royal is here to rescue you with some easy-to-make, scintillating cold brew. While you can brew Charlie Royal coffee any which way you like, it really shines when slow-steeped and enjoyed cold.

Not only is it delicious that way, but it’s gentler on your stomach, too.

Who is Charlie Royal?

Dreamed up by co-founder Nick Martin, Charlie Royal is a delightful character who was born without superpowers but is ready to do what’s necessary to change the world. (Sounds like you, too!)

One secret to Charlie’s gumption: Dark, unsweetened cold brew, savored alone or shared with friends.

Why Cold Brew?

Not too long ago, Nick adored rich coffee drinks that taste like milkshakes, but at sixty pounds overweight, he knew he needed a change. In a quest to save his health, he scrutinized all of his choices, including his overly indulgent brews.

Bereft at the possibility of cutting out his beloved coffee forever, he learned about cold brew, which he found tastes smoother than hot black coffee and has up to 67% less acidity.

Cold brew, he realized, was the answer to his problems: It gave him the same magical, take-on-the-world feeling as his favorite coffee drinks but with none of the excess sugar.

While on tour all over the globe with his band, Sleeping with Sirens, he shared pitcher after pitcher of homemade cold brew with his bandmates, fans, and friends. Over the years, he tweaked his formula and methods until he created a brew so delicious and easy to prepare, he couldn’t wait to share it with you, too.

Stay Loyal to the Royal


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